andrea mahoney

Daughter of God. Roman Catholic. Worker in the vineyard. Wife. Sister. Friend. Melancholic. Virtual Assistant.

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From infertility to new life

(disclaimer: this post does not end with a pregnancy or miraculous healing) I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2013 after a laparotomy surgery. The doctor found that it was Stage 3 (out of 4). He was able to remove it all, thankfully. This helped me a lot to feel less pain each month. I charted my health with Natural …

Learning to be astonished

Messenger by Mary Oliver My work is loving the world. Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird- equal seekers of sweetness. Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums. Here the clam deep in the speckled sand. Are my boots old? Is my coat torn? Am I no longer young, still not half-perfect? Let me keep my mind on what matters, …

Married to chronic illness

Another argument. Same cycle. It’s the same repetitive fight we have all too often: he’s sick and isn’t able to give me as much energy or time that I would like or need to feel loved each day in our marriage. I feel like I’ve had to sacrifice so much for him and adjust MY life, MY dreams and MY …