THE VISITATION: Not just your typical pregnant, new moms group

As I recall the beautiful story of Mary visiting her cousin, Elizabeth, on this Feast of the Visitation, my soul is reminded of the blessing of community and sisterhood.

My heart for this blog and website stems from these scriptures as I desire to foster the sharing of the depth of hearts between women.

The incredible urgency of Mary in running to be with Elizabeth, the months they spent together sharing in the gift of new life and praising God for the good things He had done with them – all themes that I hope can be encouraged for us as women moving forward in relationships.

Ironically, the reason for Mary and Elizabeth’s visit was to share in their pregnancy joy – which is not something I personally can relate to – however, I believe the Lord put this encounter on my heart for a reason.

Let’s break it down:

1. Upon receiving a new vocation/calling, specific to her giftings – she hurries to share her heart…

2. Upon accepting this blessing of the Lord incarnate within her being – she hurries to share her joy…

3. Upon hearing of her relative/friend in need – she hurries to share the load…

There are incredible themes of vulnerability, loyalty and love here. This is what the Lord asks of us women in and through our relationship with Him, but also with other women in our lives. These instances are what I can relate to with Mary and her visitation.

The visitation was so important in scripture that Catholics created a feast day for it and incorporated it into the rosary meditations. This shows how important it should be in our daily lives!

It forces me to ask myself – how much of this is true in my relationship with other women close to me? When was the last time I hurried to share my heart with another sister?

I can honestly say that as an introvert, this can often, at times, be difficult for me. Whether it stems from insecurities of not believing what I have to say matters that much, or fear of burdening the other person with my problems, or that my sharing would just be waaaaay too much for someone to bear. But I think at the core, it comes down to fear of rejection.

Sharing what truly is on my heart at any moment forces me to 1) accept I am not perfect, 2) find words to communicate it, and 3) trust the other person will accept me after I share this with them. All of these things do not make me hurry to share my heart with someone. Yes, when there is good news in my life – it’s fairly easy to call my closest friends and share! However, when there is trial and struggle, this becomes more difficult.

Unless…I look at it through the lense of God.

The reason Mary visited Elizabeth was not to just tell her that she was pregnant with the Lord of the universe through the Holy Spirit and to support each other and bond through their pregnancies. The reason Mary visited Elizabeth was to proclaim God’s faithfulness in her situation. It was to give credit to God and did not have anything to do with her feeling accepted.

Elizabeth says to Mary, “Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” – Luke 1:45

This encourages my heart to share with other sisters not just “my daily life updates” but to take it a step deeper and share what God is doing and how God is moving in my life. The Lord is fulfilling His promises to us everyday, ladies. Why is it hard to see? Why is it hard to share these blessings with each other? Why is it hard for me to see God’s faithfulness even in trial?

God, grant in me an urgent desire to share your faithfulness with others in my life. Grant me the grace to believe that your promise to me is true and to rejoice with others in this truth! Grant me the ability to see how you are faithful even in suffering and struggle.  I resolve to focus on You and Your goodness instead of my suffering, my problems and my life. Let me run to share Your goodness and how you are being fruitful right now in and through me as Your daughter and not refrain from sharing out of fear of rejection. You do not reject me and Your truth is worth proclaiming in my life.  Amen.