During my 38 years here on earth, I’ve stumbled across both challenges and joys. This site is to hopefully serve you in a way that shows you how similar we are and to not compare lives, but instead to embrace each other.

I have over 14+ years in youth and young adult ministry experience, a Masters in Pastoral Ministry and am working towards a certificate in spiritual direction. God is stirring and calling me to walk alongside other women. (more to come on this!) I currently am working full time as an Executive Assistant. I have been married for four years to an awesome man of God whom I met online!

I have found that there are specific crosses the Lord asks us all to carry in life. We have wrestled with God about our infertility and my husband’s chronic illness. These are two areas in which I will be writing a lot about here. It is very healing for me to write thoughts down, especially in hopes that you can relate somehow. I realize that there are not a lot of blogs online discussing these two topics in light of Heaven’s perspective. These are challenging things to write about and these areas are very intimate for many. I would like this space to be a space that welcomes vulnerability.

Perhaps these are not written about online because of that very fact — it’s difficult. I wish to break out of this mind set and am realizing myself that I am not alone in either of these struggles. And neither are you.

This is the story He is writing for me and it is healing for me to share it. Thank you for visiting and listening!

To God be the glory,


P.S. The term “visitation of hearts” came to me as I was praying one day and the Holy Spirit brought me to the Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth in the Bible. This was a beautiful season of sharing between the two of them as women. This is my hope here. (Luke 1:26-58)