andrea mahoney

Daughter of God. Roman Catholic. Worker in the vineyard. Wife. Sister. Friend. Melancholic. Virtual Assistant.

about me

Spiritual Exercises

As part of my Spiritual Direction formation, I was asked to make a 19th Annotated Ignatian Retreat on the Spiritual Exercises. Whoa. I had heard of making a 30-day silent retreat with the Spiritual Exercises if you felt as though you may be called into a religious vocation. However, this version of the exercises was created for “busy” people. Instead …

Mission of the moment

This is my praise report section and I offer it to you to add things as well. Sometimes it’s hard to see how God is working in our lives because we are too caught up in them and it may be easier to read how He is working in other’s live. It’s the best kind of reminder! I believe that …